Does divorce change your personality?

Updated: Apr 21

Divorces can be long, mentally and physically taxing, and the effects may last a lifetime. Some studies have found that the event can temporarily change the divorcee's personality (with significant gender-differences in the traits affected). But, do divorces have long-lasting effects on personality?

Study by a group of researchers led by Sascha Spikic, based on panel surveys from 3 countries – Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom looked at changes in big-five traits among people who recently got divorced. In the study (one of the largest of its kind) participants were observed for 4 to 6 years and the control group consisted of peers who remained married.

The study did not find any long lasting changes in personalities of divorcees. The only change with slight replicability across populations was a decrease in trait Agreeableness. But, for the most part, genes reign supreme.

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